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Maxresorb Inject

Maxresorb® inject is a unique and highly innovative, injectable bone graft paste, with excellent resorption properties.

It is composed of active hydroxyapatite and granules, e.g., 60% HA and 40% β-TCP. While maxresorb® promotes the fast formation of new vital bone and maintains the mechanical graft stability, Maxresorb® inject is gradually replaced by mature new bone.

The highly viscous maxresorb® inject paste allows the perfect shaping, molding, fitting, and complete bone bonding to the surrounding bone surface of the defect. maxresorb® inject is a non-hardening synthetic bone paste.

Art.-No. Maxresorb® inject
Unit Content
22005 1 × syringe 1 × 0.5 ml
22010 1 × syringe 1 × 1.0 ml
22025 1 × syringe 1 × 2.5 ml

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