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Super Bond C&B

Super-Bond C&B is a self-cure dental adhesive system containing 4-META/MMA-TBB. It has been on the market for about 3 decades and has earned an exceptional reputation for strong bond to enamel, dentin and other materials, good margin-sealability and pulpal compatibility.

Super-Bond C&B Quick Monomer is a monomer with curing time faster than Super-Bond C&B Monomer. Other features, such as working time and bond strength, are essentially the same as Super-Bond C&B Monomer.

Items Remarks
Catalyst V 0.7 mL
Monomer 10 mL
Quick Monomer* 10 mL
Polymer Clear* 3 g
Esthetic* 3 g
Opaque Ivory* 3 g
Opaque Pink* 3 g
L-Type Clear 3 g
L-Type Esthetic* 3 g
L-Type Radiopaque 5 g
Red Activator 5 mL in bottle
Green Activator 5 mL in bottle

Items marked with * are optional.

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