Bovine bonegraft manufactured by Sintering Technology of MedPark

* High blood permeability, similar pH to body fluids, rapid new bone formation without inflammatory reactions
* Sticky bone formation through PRF and CGF with independent process technology

Excellent Pore Structure
* Selection of proper size of graft materials for suitable environment for bone regeneration
* Increased micropores allows the migration of osteoblasts for increasing new bone formation

Easy Manipulation
* Enhanced hydrophilicity allows user to manipulate easily
* Applicable to various indication such as Socket Preservation, Sinus lift, Periodontal Defects and Ridge Augmentation

Perforations similar to human bones

High pore rate confirmed by the Porosimeter Test
Rough surface of microstructure makes osteoblast stick to the surface easily
(* Measure the size and pore rate of pores present on the sample surface by adsorbing mercury on the specimen)

Excellent bone formation & biocompatibility* Safe and stable bonegrafts without toxicity
* Cell survival rate was equivalent to that of the Product ‘B’
* Complete safety and stability verification as bonegraft
* Excellent biocompatibility, good differentiation of osteoblasts

Type Product Porosity (%)
Boss 70.20
Powder Company ‘A’ 48.74
Company ‘B’ 36.36

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