The BRAVO fractionated vacuum chamber autoclave continues the SciCan tradition of being at the forefront of innovation and technology. BRAVO incorporates both pre-vac (to remove air) and post-vac (to help drying) cycles to ensure perfect steam penetration for any load. BRAVO is true to the STATIM reputation for speed, providing rapid cycles for unwrapped instruments.

Versatile & Dry
Bravo offers numerous sterilization cycles with a wide array of parameters. This allows the user to choose the appropriate cycle for the load, be it solid instruments, delicate hollow instruments (handpieces, Phaco, etc.) or textiles. The SciCan Dri-TecV drying system provides a perfectly dry load every time. In addition, Bravo’s large capacity allows the office to quickly process three wrapped full-size cassettes or up to fifteen pouches..

Safety & Assurance
When the Bravo is initiated, it runs a complete self-diagnostic to ensure that it functions according to pre-set specifications. When the unit is loaded and a cycle is selected, a double locking door mechanism ensures the door is fully closed for complete safety from beginning to end. During a cycle the unit parameters and water levels are constantly monitored and displayed on the large bright LCD for immediate notification of any errors, visually and audibly. For cycle documentation, as required in some regions, Bravo offers an optional internal printer or external data logger.

Single Use Pull’n Push Water System (Filling & Draining)
Unlike many other simple chamber autoclaves, the Bravo uses only fresh distilled water for every cycle. The unit has been designed for the option to pull clean distilled water from a container as far as nine feet away and then push the used water directly to the drain, freeing up valuable time for your staff.

Conforms to International Standards
Bravo is designed for global use, and meets many international and national guidelines and standards+ around the world such as CDC and EN 13060. This allows SciCan to offer a single base unit for customers in over 90 countries.

BravoTM benefits :

  • Fast cycle times
  • Fractionated vacuum system
  • Intelligent closed door drying with Dri-TecV technology
  • Single use Pull’n Push water system
  • Easy to use – single button operation
  • Conforms to international and national standards
  • Integrated printer option
  • Patented door locking mechanism and steam generation system
  • 17L or 21L chamber capacity
  • 120V or 220V options

Unit size L 560 mm W 480 mm H 420 mm
L 22.0” W 19.0” H 16.5”
L 560mm W 480mm H 420mm
L 22.0” W 19.0” H 16.5”
L 635mm W 480mm H 420mm
L 25.0” W 19.0” H 17.5”
Chamber volume 17L / 4.5 Gal 17L / 4.5 Gal Chamber volume 21L / 5.5 Gal
Chamber dimensions D 254 mm x L 343 mm
D 10” X 13.5”
D 254mm x L 343mm
D 10” X 13.5”
D 254 mm x L 445 mm
D 10” X 17.5”
Chamber dimensions 55kg / 121lbs 58kg / 128lbs 63kg / 139lbs
Electrical rating 120V, 60Hz, 15A, 1700W
220/230V, 60Hz, 10A, 2300W
220/240V, 50Hz, 10A, 2300W
120V, 60Hz, 15A, 1700W
220/230V, 60Hz, 10A, 2300W
220/240V, 50Hz, 10A, 2300W
120V, 60Hz, 15A, 1700W
220/230V, 60Hz, 10A, 2300W
220/240V, 50Hz, 10A, 2300W

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