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Mucoderm® is a natural type I/III collagen matrix derived from porcine dermis that undergoes a multi-stage purification process, which removes all potential immunogens. The remaining matrix is a membrane that consists of collagen and elastin.

Mucoderm® promotes the revascularization and fast soft tissue integration and is a valid alternative to the patient’s own connective tissue. After placement, the patient’s blood infiltrates the mucoderm® graft through the three-dimensional soft tissue network, bringing host cells to the soft tissue graft surface and triggering the revascularization process. A significant revascularization may begin after the implantation depending on the health condition of the patient. Mucoderm® offers a safe alternative to autologous connective tissue, suitable for a diverse range of soft tissue grafting indications.

Art.-No. Mucoderm®
Size Content
701520 15 × 20 mm 1 matrix
702030 20 × 30 mm 1 matrix
703040 30 × 40 mm 1 matrix
710210 Ø 10 mm 1 punch*

*Also available as bundle: collacone® max and mucoderm® Soft Tissue Punch

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