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One Step Obturator

The One-Step Obturator is manufactured without a handle for a very special reason! Instead of using your fingers to place an obturator in a posterior canal, use a tweezer instead for better visibility!

The One-Step shaft has a circular indentation at each millimeter for length control and to facilitate breaking off the excess shaft using the tweezer. By eliminating the handle and rubber stop, access to a multirooted tooth is greatly enhanced. The tip of the tweezer indicates your working length.

The One-Step box has 20 individually labeled compartments containing one obturator. Using the tweezer, simply grasp the obturator shaft at the relevant working length. The endo ruler imprinted on the compartment is accessible for either right or left handed use. There is also an endo ruler imprinted on top of the box to confirm the working length. The intro kit contains an assorted box of sizes from 20 to 60.

The refill boxes are color coded for ease of selection. In addition, sizes 35-60 are also offered in an assorted
box with the sizes imprinted on each compartment.

The One-Step heater will accommodate four obturators simultaneously. Total heating time is one minute. However, the obturators will be maintained at the proper temperature for 15 minutes or more. The Intro Kit includes two tweezers.

Input power 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Output power 9V DC, 1,7A
EU plug is standard. UK og US plugs are available.

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