* Stable Decomposition Period
* Space Maintenance
* Biocompatibility
* Soft & Hard type

Aesorbable collagen membrane with Medparks crosslinking technology

* Using type I bovine collagen through standardized refining process
* Biocompatibility improvement of crosslinking technology ensures safety without inflammatory reactions

Stable Decomposition Period
* Ensured biodegradation period through application of CE certified quality management standard
* Colla can stand in the body for at least 4 months

Space Maintenance
* Excellent space maintenance in bone defect
* Reliable bone regeneration effect with perfect prevention of soft tissue penetration

Excellent initial shape retention
Collagenase Degradation Test

Colla Soft
Degradation time: Soft Type 6 hours
Shape: Soft Type Maintaining 60% of its shape up to 4 hours

Colla Hard
Degradation time: Hard Type 8 hours
Shape: Maintaining 80% of its shape up to 4 hours

Enzymes that break down the peptide bonds in collagen

• Better initial shape maintenance than other membranes

In Vitro Test
Mechanical test (Tensile strength)
Improving a manipulability
and ensuring a stability for external stress
* Tensile strength (tearing resistance) in hydration is higher than other products
* Securing the initial osteoblast proliferation by its stability

Degradation test (Collagenase)
Improved resistance to decomposition as structural stability is achieved by enhanced interaction between collagen molecules
* High resistance to the enzyme action of macrophage
* Helping effective new bone formation by its shape maintenance and high resistance to enzyme decomposition

The kit offers a simple, easy work flow with orange colour coding specific to the Axiom® BL 2.8 implant

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