Mobile X-Ray

The smallest focus (0.8 mm) in the tube-head makes the images clearer and reduces the X-ray dose by 16-20 times compared with any other products in domestic market. The leaking radiation rate around 1m from focus is close to 0, and the head window is made of 1.5mm aluminum to filter X-ray. As a result, the health of patients and doctors can be protected better.

  1. Adopt imported assembled X-ray generator
  2. Precise time control: microprocessing can make the exposure time accurate to 1/100 second and display in digital. The machine will replay to any warm immediately.
  3. The French imported balance arm make the location flexible and stable.
  4. The column is made of aluminium alloy,modern and refined design
  5. Parallel focus, contributing to get the super clear image easily
  6. With almost no radiation, it's safe to operate: tiny X ray source and the ball sleeve is tightly sealed. On the condition of opened exposure, around 1 meter from exposure center, its ray leakage lower than national standards by 68 times, more than the prescribed body safety value of 0.5mGy / h is lower (0-0.007mGy / h ). So without X-ray protection room, doctors and patients can be protected well,too.
  7. with error code display function, parameters can be reset and saved
  8. Voltage stabilizer as standard collocation, preventing the damage from voltage hunting, which can pretend the service life of this machine.
  9. Reserved digital camera mode, which can upgrade to digital developing machine

Voltage AC 220V ±10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
X-ray plugs GB 3 cores/EN 3 cores
Max power consumption 900 VA
Electric current 4 A
Fuse 6.3 A
Focus 0.8 mm
Tube voltage 70KV ±10%
Anodic electric current 7mA ±15%
Anodic angle 19º
Load circle 1/60
Half-value layer 70 KV,If 1.6mm AL
Inherent Filtration ≥0.5 mm AL
Leaking radiation rate 1m < 0.007mGy/h

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