Stern Weber S200

Opportunity Zone

Built on the concept of permanent reliability, the evolution of Stern Weber integrated treatment centres has resulted in ever-better advantages in terms of performance, ergonomics and practicality. This capacity to adapt and evolve is the key strength of the S200. Whatever your needs, the first thing you require is a dental unit designed for intensive use. The scope for personalisation goes well beyond the usual standards and provides all the very latest innovations developed by Stern Weber.

Built to work for you

Designed to fit into your routine, each aspect of the treatment centre is conceived to help improve workflow and significantly reduce physical fatigue connected with incorrect posture, both for dentist and assistant staff. Patient chair shaping enables easy access to the operating zone and the excellent scope of the instrument module, mounted either on the standard arm or a shorter 500 mm version, allows for outstanding versatility whether you are assisted or working alone. Further features include simple foot-controlled deactivation and reactivation of the suction cannulae, instrument tubing with quick-couplings and a choice of three types of module arms on the assistant’s side.

Treat your patients to exceptional comfort

Stern Weber dedicates the utmost attention to the comfort factor. When a patient feels at ease your job is much simpler, workflow becomes more efficient and a patient’s assessment of treatment outcome is likely to improve. In addition to the design features which create comfortable working conditions for you and your staff, S200 can be equipped with premium quality accessories to enhance the patient experience in every possible way.

Effective control leads to effective treatment

Creating the ideal conditions for efficiency is the guiding principle for the range of control units available on Stern Weber treatment centres. As standard configuration, S200 is equipped with a highly intuitive 3-digit display panel which allows for instrument speed and power adjustments. This unit also incorporates a rear-lit X-ray viewer.

The optional LCD control panel, with easy-to-read icons, provides comprehensive data regarding instrument parameters and dental uniting operating status, as well as additional keys for semi-automatic hygiene devices and all the customary keys for patient chair movements, lighting and other functions.

Make the most of multiple options

What adds extraordinary value to the S200 unit is the wide-ranging availability of high-tech accessories which you can select to customise your ideal treatment centre. Over and above the ergonomic set-up, fourteen upholstery colourings, the choice of up to five additional hygiene systems, two control panels and Stern Weber instruments, you can opt for one of three different operating lights and five foot control units.

Benefit from the best levels of performance

An array of advanced instruments designed by Stern Weber, fully integrated with the treatment centre’s electronics and control units, is an option which can deliver the performance you need to confidently handle all aspects of conservative and prosthetic dentistry.

Whichever configuration you choose for the dentist’s module, you are sure to benefit immediately from user-friendly controls, top performance levels and an ergonomic design for each handpiece.

Integration completes your professionalism

The major advantage of unit-integrated radio-diagnostics is speed and productivity. Immediate answers make treatment sessions efficient and conclusive. Cutting-edge equipment and the unrivalled user-friendliness simply transform S200 into a high-tech, high-performance treatment centre.

Consisting of an X-ray unit with wireless control, digital sensor and medical-grade LED monitor, the onboard system eliminates all the inconveniences associated with separate equipment installation.

Your working relationship

Gaining trust is based around a person-to-person relationship and the Stern Weber multimedia system is the fastest way to explain treatment, illustrate results and reassure your patients. Once your patient communication is supported by practical multimedia technology, you will discover the advantages of each single integrated device: a new high performance camera with HD sensor in the 16:9 format and a 19” flat screen monitor with LED technology.

Raise the standards to your rank

When you opt for a Stern Weber treatment centre, you can personalise most aspects exactly as you wish. This is particularly true when selecting from a vast array of hygiene solutions which ensure you and your patients are protected in the best possible way. And it is even more true in the case of the S200 unit.

All components, large and small, are designed to minimise risks of contamination. Surface finishing, special plastics and autoclavable materials are part of an all-inclusive passive hygiene concept. Active devices and easy-to-use, scientifically proven sanitisation procedures can be chosen according to specific requirements. What you benefit from, above all, is Stern Weber’s yearlong experience in the field.

BIOSTER S – available only when the dentist’s module is fitted with the
LCD control panel
* *
A.C.V.S. * *
W.H.E. * *
I.W.F.C. * *
Control panel with 3 DIGIT display
Control panel with LCD display * *
Micromotor i-XR3 (100 – 40,000 rpm)
Micromotor i-XR3L with f.o. (100 – 40,000 rpm) * *
Midwest module with f.o.
SC Scalers (with or without f.o.) * *
6-way syringe * *
Sixth instrument * *
X-ray viewer for panoramic X-rays *
Integrated X-ray sensor * *
Glass cuspidor bowl
Ceramic cuspidor bowl * *
Cuspidor bowl drive * *
Cup water heater * *
Spray heating * *
Independent cannulae selection * *
Suction stop device on chair base
Multimedia applications wiring * *
Assistant’s tray-holder * *
Venus Plus-L LED operating light * *
Venus Plus operating light * *
Venus operating light
Atlaxis headrest * *
Mobile, removable right armrest * *
Left armrest
Child’s cushion * *
Multi-function foot control
Pressure-operated foot control * *
Power Pedal foot control * *
Multi-function (wireless) foot control * *
Pressure-operated foot control (wireless) * *
Full seat cover for patient chair * *

• as standard * optional – unavailable

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