Stern Weber S300

Progress Zone

Not everyone sees technology as an end in itself. On the contrary, the true value of innovation lies in solutions that lead to tangible development, to new professional horizons. The S300 offers a flexibility that provides just the progress you’re looking for. We combine comfort and ergonomics to ensure swift workflows, we merge design and innovation to provide a dental unit built around your needs. Together with you for even better results. Our technology is designed for your progress

Towards new technological horizons

Now more advanced than ever, touch-screen interfaces let the dentist manage all the dental unit functions with a simple tap. As standard on the S300, the Smart Touch instrument control panel is divided between a touch-sensitive zone that allows user-friendly display and interaction with dental unit parameters and a more traditional keypad that controls patient chair movement and positioning. Alternatively, the latest-generation Full Touch control panel is available: this features a 5.7” glass capacitive-type touch screen that links the dentist to the on-board computer governing the entire dental unit and all its integrated devices. On the Continental version an incorporated accelerometer allows this instrument to be flipped from the horizontal to the vertical and vice versa. Both control panels are available on Continental and International models.

Full screen performance

Controlling the dental unit, personalising settings, selecting and precision-adjusting instrument parameters via the Full Touch instrument control panel is the simplest and fastest way to bring out the full potential of an integrated treatment centre that lets you practice conservative dentistry, endodontics and surgery. Control and precision ensure each task is completed safely and, in the case of surgery or implantology, the level of interaction provided by the software covers clinical parameter settings, peristaltic pump adjustment and other functions that smooth preparation of the implant site and actual placement.

Enhancing control intuitively

Large icons and easy-to-understand browsing make interaction with software and access to control menus simple, letting the dentist explore and make full use of the outstanding potential of the S300. Comfort does not depend on the excellent user-friendliness of the new interface alone: it is also enhanced by smooth integration of instruments, software and dental unit. All systems – instruments, hygiene devices, operating lights, patient chair and cuspidor bowl – can be fully controlled via the instrument control panel.

Comfort: a pleasure worth sharing

Whatever the situation, Stern Weber never forgets that comfort plays a constant, mutual role. The patient must feel at ease while both dentist and assistant must be able to operate without physical stress or discomfort. Memory Foam padding supports patients correctly throughout the entire treatment session, resulting in enhanced comfort and relaxation.

Where built on wellbeing, interpersonal relations reinforce patient trust and collaboration during treatment; that trust translates into better results and heightened patient involvement. The innovatively shaped patient chair allows medical staff to move in closer to the patient during treatment. The Trendelenburg position is reached by way of synchronised movements and the reinforced structure allows patients weighing up to 190 kg to be lifted.

Ergonomics, the key to your wellbeing

Simple, precise motions, made possible by Stern Weber innovation. The second-generation Atlaxis headrest is one of the hallmark elements of a brand renowned for its attentiveness to the ergonomics of treatment and patient comfort.

Constant research into sophisticated solutions is seen in every last detail: pantograph arm excursion is aided by two special bearings and vertical travel has been increased; the dentist’s module can be positioned precisely via the pneumatic brake, released via a touch-activated sensor. Similarly, the assistant’s module also features several solutions, such as the articulated arm to allow optimal instrument positioning.

Design plus practicality

The S300 line features a unit body designed to aid access to hygiene systems and make routine maintenance easier. Reduced overall dimensions also means more space around the patient and greater freedom of movement for medical staff. In its standby position, the cuspidor bowl contributes to overall unit body compactness by remaining outside the operating zone, preventing any interference with the assistant’s workflow. The S300 combines the tangible advantages of industrial design with meticulous styling.

Choices that make every day better

Visual comfort essentially depends on two aspects of light: its brightness and quality. That’s why Stern Weber offers a choice of two operating lights with different technologies: halogen or LED lighting. On both systems ergonomic aspects regarding optical performance and positioning of the light, which can be moved on three axes, are honed to perfection.

A broad illuminated spot and homogeneous light distribution play a key role in preventing situations that can lead to severe eye strain. While brightness on the Venus Plus is adjusted via a manual potentiometer, on the optional dual-reflector LED operating light it is regulated by a no-touch infrared sensor.

Flexible configuration, secure control

Control of dental unit and individual instruments needs to be smooth and instinctive. Stern Weber has developed foot controls with three different ergonomic solutions, two of which are available in a wireless configuration to maximise freedom of movement during treatment. In addition to the improved hand hygiene that comes from transferring functions to the foot control, Stern Weber foot controls offer numerous dental unit system management possibilities: these sophisticated units allow the dentist to control patient chair movement, the Chip Air and Chip Water functions and, with the instrument extracted, invert micromotor rotation or switch on the operating light. Moreover, in surgery mode the peristaltic pump can be opened and closed.

High definition communication

Then highly advanced Stern Weber multimedia system stems from the development of sophisticated electronics that manages images on both the monitor and the Full Touch display. A high definition camera and latest-generation X-ray systems, all connected and controlled via the Full Touch panel. The dentist controls the images directly on the touch panel, medical monitor or external PC, thus speeding up diagnostics considerably.

The convenience of an integrated solution

Consisting of a DC X-ray unit with wireless control and a digital sensor housed on the dentist’s module, this comprehensive integrated system eliminates all the inconveniences associated with separate installation of diagnostic equipment. X-ray investigation outcomes are shown on the multimedia monitor and, where the Full Touch control panel is in use, directly on the 5.7” display where the dentist can adjust contrast and brightness, rotate the image, enlarge it or save it. Stern Weber innovation combines cutting-edge diagnostic instruments and advanced performance by the sophisticated software which interfaces exclusive systems and devices.

Active systems for enhanced defence

Stern Weber’s continuous research into integrated hygiene systems has demonstrated the effectiveness of combining specific disinfection systems such as W.H.E. and BIOSTER. On the one hand, the application of a continuous disinfection system combined with air gap separation provides constant defence thanks to the bacteriostatic effect of Peroxy Ag+; on the other, the automatic BIOSTER device carries out the customary end-of-work disinfection tasks, executing programmable cycles to treat the spray water circuit. The I.W.F.C. device, incorporated in the BIOSTER system or available separately, ensures water circuits are kept clean after a period of machine idleness. The effectiveness of Stern Weber-developed systems has been documented in several scientific treatises published in the specialised press.

A.C.V.S. * *
W.H.E. * *
I.W.F.C. * *
Full Touch Display * *
Micromotor i-XR3L with f.o. (100 – 4,000 rpm)
Micromotor i-XS4 with f.o. (100 – 40,000 rpm) * *
Peristaltic pump module * *
6-way syringe with f.o. * *
Sixth instrument * *
X-ray viewer for panoramic X-rays * *
Integrated sensor * *
Integrated Apex locator * *
Glass cuspidor bowl
Ceramic cuspidor bowl * *
Cuspidor bowl drive system * *
Cup water heater
Spray heating * *
Independent cannulae selection
Suction stop device on chair base
Multimedia applications wiring
Transthoracic tray holder *
Assistant’s tray holder * *
Venus Plus-L LED operating light * *
Venus Plus operating light
Atlaxis headrest * *
Mobile, removable right armrest * *
Left armrest
Child’s cushion * *
Multi-function foot-control
Pressure-operated foot control * *
Power Pedal foot control * *
Multi-function foot-control (wireless) * *
Pressure-operated foot control (wireless) * *
Full seat cover for patient chair * *

• as standard * optional – not available

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