Stern Weber S380 TRC

Innovation Zone

The strength of an innovative space lies with the solidity of rigour and the precision of flexibility. The desire to constantly improve and pursue technological progress creates a vital working space that is in perfect harmony with your operating style, because it is modelled on your work. We are not looking for mere sterile development, but for the perfect way of working, of moving, of thinking. Your ability acts as our guide, and our technology is your instrument. The new S380TRC is the perfect balance of rigour and technological innovation.

Exclusive innovation

S380TRC boasts a unique chair full of features suited to the operating style of those looking for innovative exclusivity. Synchronized backrest and leg rest movements, powered retractable footrest: each function is designed to offer outstanding comfort in every position. Each movement is controlled by a touch control panel. The programme can memorize up to 4 personalized working positions for each operator. The patient entry/exit position and rinse position may also be personalized; the software controls two positions, namely the patient table position for surgery and the Trendelenburg position.

Transform the workplace

The versatility of the chair provides plenty of scope for transforming the surgery into a workspace that is functionally and ergonomically suited to the requirements of individual treatment plans. Chair rotation may be completed via the optional function that allows the module to be positioned on the assistant’s side.

Fostering communication

The rotation of the chair in a seated position makes it easier for patients to get on and off the chair. When discussing the clinical situation, excellent dental unit ergonomics allow staff to dialogue effectively with patients and ensure they spend less time in the lying position during treatment. Ideal for all forms of dental treatment, the seated position may be regulated to all heights, permitting the natural occlusion between the two arches.

Share the innovation

Right on the cutting edge of digital technology, the powerful microprocessor handles all the functions and systems on the integrated treatment centre, which the dentist pilots via the Full Touch control panel. A few intuitive movements enable the dentist to regulate and personalize working parameters through the 5.7” tempered glass touch screen.

Designed to offer a high degree of personalization, the software permits connections with incorporated Stern Weber devices, including multimedia and radiological instruments. By means of an Ethernet connection access is provided to a local network without having to use an external PC. The accelerometer on the instrument control panel also allows the screen to be positioned horizontally.

Achieve your full potential

Regardless of the type of operation, from conservative dentistry to oral surgery, the dentist is required to operate with incredible precision. Thanks to the Full Touch instrument control panel, comprehensive control of both parameters and the peristaltic pump bring out the full potential of the brushless micromotor when practising surgery.

A database of certified contra-angles is provided in the software, as is a selection of generic ratios. Parameter control and data display are optimised thanks to fast navigation and user-friendly graphics.

Experience unparalleled technological evolution

The Stern Weber instruments, which were designed together with the electronics that control them, guarantee excellent performance and offer dentists a genuine opportunity to personalize their dental units. Dentists can also, in addition to setting personalised programme, set numerous work parameters: power/speed, spray, foot control mode and optic fibre intensity. All settings are made using the advanced Full Touch control panel.

Discover the value of wellbeing

The Stern Weber philosophy places great emphasis on patient wellbeing and the operating comfort of staff, so as to create a pleasant environment where innovation improves your professional working experience.

The anatomical headrest can be regulated with one hand, by releasing the pneumatic brake using the button on its underside. Positioning is precise thanks to the orbital and vertical movement along the support rod.

Making room for your needs

Creating innovative equipment and devices that meet real needs is the best way of building a relationship that facilitates all aspects of your professional life. Stern Weber provides an extensive product range, ergonomic solutions that pave the way for ground-breaking technology and high-performance patented instruments. Stern Weber supplies complete, tailor-made integrated treatment centres.

Multimedia smoothes the way

Immediacy is of fundamental importance: quicker diagnosis, sharing images with patients and convincing them to have the right treatment are all vital. Perfect integration is the key to everything, and the latest version of the Stern Weber multimedia system significantly boosts the potential of diagnostics.

High-definition camera, high-frequency X-ray unit, the very latest X-ray sensor – all connected and controlled via the Full Touch control panel. The dentist may control images directly on the touch panel, on a medical monitor or on an external PC

Speeding up diagnostics

The integrated X-ray system lies at the forefront of technological development and considerably helps improve the surgery’s efficiency. Controlled from a simple wireless handheld computer, the DC X-ray unit is designed specifically for digital radiology.

Together with the sensor applied to the dentist’s module and to the 19” LED Monitor, it constitutes an advanced X-ray diagnosis system that does not require any installation points in the surgery. It enables you to always remain at your patient’s side while having ready access to solutions to your actual needs.

The additional benefits of HD

The very latest digital multimedia is to be found in Stern Weber’s new system, with its sophisticated HD camera taking image communications to a higher level. The system’s clear benefits are enhanced by its ergonomic design and innovative, backlit capacitive key. It is much easier to appreciate results via the transparency of an image. Patient’s loyalty is generated through clear, reassuring communication with the dentist.

Completing your protected treatment centre

It has been scientifically proven that the efficiency of the Stern Weber hygiene systems satisfies a basic requirement of the dentist’s professional operations. It is also the perfect way of guaranteeing a serene working environment and ensuring further respect between colleagues and patients. Complete with all active systems, and fully controlled by the control panel’s processor, the dental unit is transformed into a protected treatment centre.Navigating through the integrated systems menu and setting the chosen parameters is both simple and fast. The best way of ensuring constant control of the dental unit’s hygienic conditions.

Choose advanced protection

Maximum protection for you, your colleagues and your patients, is one of the top priorities of Stern Weber when designing its dental units. The pursuit of effective, functional solutions is something that we deal with from all points of view. The passive hygiene system both inside and outside the dental unit is constituted by detachable elements, easily-cleaned surfaces, controls transferred to the pedal, and autoclavable materials. Design stems from an approach aimed at completely eliminating contamination risks in the surgery.

A.C.V.S. * *
W.H.E. * *
I.W.F.C. * *
Full Touch Display
Micromotor i-XS4 with f.o. (100 – 40,000 rpm)
Peristaltic pump module * *
6-way syringe with f.o. * *
Sixth instrument * *
Panoramic X-ray viewer *
Integrated sensor * *
Integrated Apex locator * *
Glass cuspidor bowl
Ceramic cuspidor bowl * *
Cuspidor bowl drive system
Water-to-cup heater
Spray heating * *
Independent cannulae selection
Suction stop device on chair base
Multimedia applications wiring
Transthoracic tray holder *
Dentist’s module tray holder *
Assistant’s tray holder * *
Venus Plus-L LED operating light
Atlaxis headrest
Right armrest
Left armrest
Child’s cushion * *
Multi-function foot-control
Pressure-operated foot control * *
Power Pedal foot control * *
Multi-function foot-control (wireless) * *
Pressure-operated foot control (wireless) * *

• as standard * optional – not available

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