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Implanteo® Motor LED

Daylight Quality Lighting – LED Technology!

LED is here! LED from the handpiece provides the maximum working comfort and compliments the operating room lighting.

Equipment maintenance is improved by the LED’s resistance and durability : 10 times superior to a conventional bulb.

  • Optimum light quality « Natural light »: 5500°K.
  • Ideal lighting, no more shadows in the working area.
  • Illumination field wider than classical lighting.
  • Adjustable power: 31,000 LUX.
  • Resistance & durability of the LED component.
  • Sterilizable.

Simple, User-friendly…Freedom!

A large color touch screen, pictograms and intelligent applications… Technology from your everyday life: intuitive, simple, user-friendly and intelligent! Freedom to make quick adjustments, settings or modifications : your «surgical assistant» adapts to your practice and makes life easier.

  • Large color touch screen: try the « Touch » technology!
  • Optimal visibility of essential information: 5.7-inch screen!
  • Intuitive navigation with descriptive icons
  • Useful applications for easy navigation.
  • Unique working comfort!

Power and Precision

Your IMPLANTEO® micromotor: reliable and powerful, it remains flexible and extremely comfortable during use. The unit allows you to confidently perform high-precision procedures…

  • Large speed and torque range with the MONT BLANC® 20 :1 contra-angle handpiece.
    – Speed from 15 to 2,000 rpm.
    – Torque from 5 to 80 N.cm.
  • Contra-Angle Calibration: the precision of the motor is adapted to the contra-angle connected

Surgical Intelligence and Performance

The essential procedure related data can be configured and precisely monitored in real-time throughout the procedure. You can also record important clinical data for improved patient record tracking.

  • 10 configurable programs; up to 10 sequences per program.
  • Simple data set-up and manipulation.
  • Real-time display of critical data:
    – Torque in N.cm.
    – Speed.
  • Real-time graphical display is only one click away !
  • Guaranteed patient tracking : data is saved to a USB key: File (.csv) / graph (.TIFF),

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