Memoreg 2

MEMOREG® 2 – the expert for bite registration materials

With MEMOREG 2, you and dental technicians benefit from :

  • Exceptional thixotropy : Its distinct thixotrophic properties increase the flow of the material under pressure. After pressure is released it becomes stable. The material also does not drip during the application and can be built-up easily.
  • Easy identification of bite-through areas : Thanks to the intensive colour, the dentist immediately recognises, where the patient has bitten through thematerial.
  • Comfortable Handling : The material can easily be removed from the mouth without breaking or tearing. Thanks to its final hardness of 90 Shore A, the dental technician can articulate the models correctly in relationto one another. Easy to trim and grind with burs, scissors and scalpel. MEMOREG 2 exhibits excellent dimensional stability.

The automix cartridge system saves you time and reduces the risk of registration errors. Thanks to its short time in mouth and the neutral taste and odour, patients are more at ease.

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