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Nissim Type 2

For a more practical training. A Dental Simulator for various “Environment” and “Purpose”.

The dental simulator provides simulation under a more practical situation presuming actual treatment in various training areas such as restorative and prosthetic areas, so that one can acquire precisely controlled techniques. By combining the dental simulator with the wide variety of jaw models that we offer, you can practically and effectively practice dental treatment training with the focus on safety, reliability and quickness.

NISSIM Type 2 is a high grade simulator equipped with a mean value articulator which allows various jaw movement functions. By equipping ears on the NISSIM head, it is possible to practice more complicated training presuming face bow transfers. Also, the use of magnet change system allows easy attachment of jaw models, thus improving its handling characteristics when attaching/removing jaw models

  • High grade simulator with various occlusal and jaw movement functions
  • Offers more lifelike jaw movement compared to Type 1
  • For advanced pre-clinical students
  • Face-bow training is possible
  • Easy-to-use magnet change system

Matching environment
Workbench Dental chair
Railing storage Stand alone

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