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Osada Smily Z – L250LL

Advanced safety dental unit with beautiful form Employs a high-performance, high-quality design and safety features. Cleans easily spittoon bowl, which is subject to stain, with photocatalysis. Upholstery : OL-28 (Loberial Blue), OL-34 (Lemon Yellow).

Features :

  • Sanitary spittoon bowl, The spittoon bowl with photocatalysis is stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned. Four colors are available.
  • A highly efficient instrument, The unit allows the memorization of three conditions of use of the instrument, and allows advanced dental treatment. The digital display visualizes the rotation speed. In addition, root canal instruments, such as nickel-titanium files can be used safely in enlargement of root canal, as 10 grades of torque are available at low rotational speeds of the micromotor.
  • Color variations of the spittoon bowl

Smily Z L250LL
Voltage AC 230 V.
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Current 5 A
Weight 212 Kg

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