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Nanocrystalline calcium phosphate calcium sulfat matrix

Perossal® is a unique, synthetic, osteoconductive and resorbable bone graft substitute. Perossal® is a composite of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite and calcium sulfate. The nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite gives perossal® a very high specific surface which allows proteins and growth factors to bond directly on the surface and results in controlled osteostimulation of the surrounding tissue. The nano- and micro-porous network of perossal® offers the possibility to load the bone graft substitute individually with liquids (e.g. antibiotics) and provides the property of a controlled prolonged release. perossal® permits guided bone regeneration together with the stabilization of the alveole or extraction socket.

Art.-No. Perossal® Synthetic Alveo Cones
Dimensions Content Volume
03-01031 Ø 6 mm, 6 mm Height 1 x 6 Pieces / Cones 1.2 ml
03-01032 Ø 6 mm, 6 mm Height 2 x 6 Pieces / Cones 2.4 ml

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