Steri. Irrigation Tips-Side Open Type

Steri. Irrigation Tips-Side Open Type

  • Disposable Endodontic & Periodontal Irrigation Tips with Safety.
  • Unique design with a side-port for superior effectiveness and patient comfort in irrigating root canals and periodontal pockets.
  • Pre-sterilized by E.O Gas.
  • Use with Lure Lock Syringes.
  • Side-Port and Closed-end Irrgation tips.

Periodontal Pockets

  • Side-port design make an effective irrigate pockets and closed, rounded tip can reduce the risk of tissue damage.

Root Canals

  • Side-port dispersal can create an upward flushing motion for the complete root canal preparations and cleanse the gingival sulci fully without damaging tissue.

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