Stern Weber S280 TRC

Personality Zone

Each patient is different and, above all, so is each dentist: no-one knows this better than Stern Weber. That’s why dentists who choose us are free to configure all the elements around the dental unit according to their personal preferences and so create a highly customised integrated treatment centre. Once the ergonomic configuration best suited to the dentist’s operating style has been defined, it’s then possible to decide how best to equip the dental unit in terms of hygiene devices, instruments, integrated multimedia and X-ray systems, foot controls, operating lights, suction system amalgam separators and all the other Stern Weber accessories. We build dental units to provide a made-to-measure solution for you.

Technology takes off

The main innovation is incorporated on the instrument control panels – Smart Touch and Full Touch – featuring touch-screen technology. Both offer outstanding performance: when it comes to deciding which is most suitable, the choice is yours.

Smart Touch, consisting of two areas, a touch-sensitive one and another with a classic keypad, is provided as standard. The dentist interacts with dynamic menus via the touch-screen display to set hygiene parameters, adjust and personalise instrument settings and monitor all the devices integrated with the dental unit software. The keypad, instead, provides an array of rapid controls, mainly for movement of the patient chair.

The optional Full Touch display, with a large 5.7” glass screen is, instead, a leap into the future, an on-board computer with a powerful microprocessor and a Linux operating system. It can be used to control the entire integrated treatment centre and its open-source platform makes it ever-ready to incorporate new functions.

Sophisticated performance at your fingertips

Whether you’re carrying out the simplest routine task or the most intricate oral surgery, outstanding precision is a must. The level of control offered by the interface will determine the degree of precision you achieve. Thanks to the Full Touch instrument control panel, comprehensive control of both working parameters and the peristaltic pump bring out the full potential of the brushless micromotor when practising surgery.

The software contains a database of certified contra-angles plus a wide selection of generic ratios. On the Full Touch panel, parameter control and data display have been optimised thanks to simplified system browsing and user-friendly graphics.

Performance, just the way you want it

Designed together with the electronics that controls them, all Stern Weber instruments conform to strict ultra-high performance and user-friendliness criteria, with the sheer extent of the range providing excellent dental unit personalisation opportunities. Smooth integration of instruments, dental unit and software means the dentist can take full advantage of advanced performance and inspired working simplicity.

Ergonomics to help you win the space race

Modern ergonomics provides a host of benefits, and one is appreciated more than any other: space. A compact unit body and a patient chair that lifts up to the height of the cuspidor bowl means smoother staff workflows and frees up plenty of space underneath the backrest. When the chair is lowered, the patient can access the seat easily and comfortably.

The Atlaxis pneumatic headrest has become the unparalleled industry benchmark. Its orbital movement follows the patient’s anatomy smoothly, ensuring precise, comfortable head positioning

Wellbeing as you want it

Your wellbeing depends on the shared wellbeing of both those who work around the patient chair and the patients. Operating comfort and patient relaxation both contribute to good treatment results. That’s why Stern Weber has created a set of elements designed to make treatment stress and discomfort-free. Correct anatomic support throughout treatment guarantees comfort and relaxation. Memory Foam padding adapts perfectly to the build of any patient.

Every choice a personal choice

Why stop at the choice of colour or limit yourself to a certain ergonomic option when the best way to bring out your hard-earned professionalism lies in the details that follow your every single move? Stern Weber leaves the choice of foot control, operating light and the configuration of exclusive instruments – all smoothly integrated with the dental unit electronics – up to you. There are five foot control solutions, three lead-connected and two wireless, which feature controls for patient chair movement, Chip Air and Chip Water functions and other specific controls that free the dentist’s hands. At last: freedom to operate just the way you want

Dynamic diagnostics

A multimedia configuration complete with advanced technologies and an exclusive digital X-ray system lets you give voice to your professionalism as never before. Consisting of innovative, ergonomic instruments, the system increases working efficiency while giving free rein to individuality. The new HD intraoral camera, used in conjunction with the optional Full Touch instrument control panel, opens up new communication horizons. Eloquent images that provide clear evidence of the positive outcome of the treatment – and your talent.

Seamless integration

The S280TRC perfectly combines the two driving forces behind Stern Weber product development: technology and comfort. The integrated X-ray system is a case in point: the technology of an innovative DC X-ray unit, a simple handheld wireless control unit and the comfort of a system that has no need for its own installation points in the surgery. Last but not least come the extreme flexibility of the X-ray unit positioning device and a latest-generation sensor on the dentist’s module.

Understanding the dentist’s needs and then providing an efficient response to them is our overriding priority, paving the way towards solutions designed to be universal and suitable for whoever chooses Stern Weber.

Maximising effectiveness through active defence

The joint use of systems and substances designed to disinfect the water circuits constitutes nothing less than a solid ‘wall’ against contamination in the surgery. Peroxy Ag+ (H2O2) acts against all water-borne contaminants, including Legionella.

While the W.H.E. system executes a continuous disinfection process, the BIOSTER system carries out automatic spray water circuit disinfection cycles, just perfect for efficient end-of-work protection. The I.W.F.C., the device included in the BIOSTER system or available separately, ensures conduits are cleaned after the machine has been idle for a set period. With daily execution of an intensive BIOSTER disinfection cycle, checks made over a 90-day period on a working dental unit demonstrated a bacterial load of zero in the water delivered using the W.H.E. system.

A.C.V.S. * *
W.H.E. * *
I.W.F.C. * *
Full Touch Display * *
Micromotor i-XR3L with f.o. (100 – 4,000 rpm)
Micromotor i-XS4 with f.o. (100 – 40,000 rpm) * *
Peristaltic pump module * *
6-way syringe with f.o. * *
Sixth instrument * *
X-ray viewer for panoramic X-rays *
Integrated sensor * *
Integrated Apex locator * *
Glass cuspidor bowl
Ceramic cuspidor bowl * *
Cuspidor bowl drive system * *
Cup water heater
Spray heating * *
Independent cannulae selection
Suction stop device on chair base
Multimedia applications wiring
Transthoracic tray holder *
Dentist’s module tray holder *
Assistant’s tray holder * *
Venus Plus light
Venus Plus-L LED light * *
Atlaxis headrest * *
Mobile, removable right armrest * *
Left armrest
Child’s cushion * *
Multi-function foot-control
Pressure-operated foot control * *
Power Pedal foot control * *
Multi-function foot-control (wireless) * *
Pressure-operated foot control (wireless) * *
Full seat cover for patient chair * *

• as standard * optional – not available

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