Stern Weber S320 TR

Innovation, dedicated to you

Stern Weber applies the very latest technology to meet your ever-evolving needs. That’s why we’re always developing cutting-edge solutions to provide operating units modelled around the dentists who are leading the profession into the future. Innovation is the very essence of the Stern Weber world, encompassing the integration of multimedia and X-ray diagnosis devices and providing dentists with multiple layers of versatility every single day. Discover the unparalleled performance that allows treatment to be carried out in complete safety and parameters to be controlled with the utmost precision. Protect yourself, your staff and your patients with hygiene systems of proven effectiveness. Stern Weber: just the solution you’re looking for, every time.

Future-oriented design and performance

A 5.7” glass touch-screen display for user-friendly piloting of all integrated systems, from instruments to hygiene devices: select personalised settings, display information just the way you want and enjoy simple yet precise dental unit control. Decidedly forward-thinking, the new Full Touch control panel is a technological bridge that provides sophisticated connectivity between the dental unit and its peripheral systems. Operating off a Linux platform, the microprocessor manages all the available functions and provides extensive opportunities for future expansion.

Simplicity of control through technological innovation

Whatever the treatment in progress, the Full Touch control panel ensures clear, comprehensive display of both operational instrument and integrated system data; what’s more, it makes immediate, precise setting of primary and secondary parameters extremely easy.

Controlled directly via the display, the brushless micromotor is a sophisticated, high-performance instrument of exceptional potential. Suitable for conservative dentistry, endodontics and surgery, it provides up to 7 settings corresponding to the most frequently used contra-angles or burs. Where used for implantology, personalised settings are available for execution of the guide hole, the drilling stages and implant placement.

Technology. The Simpler The Better

Select optic fibre intensity, set foot control/instrument spray modes or personalise and control automatic disinfection procedures: with the Full Touch, it’s all incredibly simple.

What’s more, the user can switch between essential and detailed information as required; to toggle between one viewing mode and the other all that’s needed is a light touch of the screen. For example, during treatment it may be necessary to show only essential micromotor data, while the more detailed screen, which allows adjustment of secondary work modes, will be more appropriate for refining parameters and personalising settings.

Surrounded by only the best

Experience the Stern Weber technological world
Whatever the situation, we’re surrounded by the multiple opportunities offered by today’s technological world. Stern Weber has selected the most brilliant of those opportunities and transformed them into tangible, practical solutions for the dental practice.

Once the ergonomic configuration best suited to the dentist’s operating style has been defined, it’s then possible to decide how best to equip the dental unit in terms of hygiene devices, instruments, integrated multimedia and X-ray systems, foot controls, operating lights, suction system amalgam separators and all the other Stern Weber accessories.

The pivotal role of ergonomics

Together, integration and ergonomics create a world where everything is within arm’s reach; the end result is more space and valuable time savings. Efficient ergonomics is smoothly incorporated into a range of models to offer a design that is a function of the user’s specific operating style.

The International model is ideal for dentists who operate in indirect vision mode. On the Continental version, instead, treatment is carried out with extreme fluidity thanks to the outstanding excursion and carefully calibrated balance of the instrument tubing. On the Side Delivery model the horizontal excursion of the dentist’s module is complemented by the ability to set height via a motor-driven adjustment mechanism.

From research to wellness

At the heart of the technological development carried out at Stern Weber’s research centres lies a quest for excellent materials and perfect practical design on every single component. Similarly, technological research also focuses on enhanced comfort for patient and medical staff alike.

Feeling relaxed operating without any physical duress and creating an environment in which the patient is at ease ensures numerous benefits: easier dentist-patient interaction and results appreciated by everyone. Featuring special Memory Foam upholstery, the patient chair provides an unparalleled level of comfort and anatomical support.

Enlightened by technology

Light plays a pivotal role. In addition to brightness characteristics, essential for correct illumination and prevention of eye strain, ergonomic aspects play a key part in Stern Weber research. For example, on the Venus Plus-L LED, an infrared sensor reduces manual contact while the absence of forced ventilation makes operation completely silent.

The patented curing light features ultra-high efficiency light guides that ensure a homogeneous effect over the entire composite and each programme is optimised to avoid any composite shrinkage, thus ensuring outstandingly reliable results. During polymerisation, the dentist can select a preset lighting level via the instrument control panel so as not to influence the composite hardening proces

Technology down to the last detail

In every detail, from the foot control to the interior of the smallest accessory, technology reaches into every corner of the Stern Weber world. Like every peripheral dental unit device, the foot control has been the focus of intense research and is available with three different ergonomic set-ups. Two versions communicate with the dental unit wirelessly. While powerful lithium batteries ensure exceptional autonomy, the foot control can be lead-connected to the dental unit at any time, also for recharging purposes. Foot controls are multi-purpose devices, allowing dentists to control instruments, the patient chair and other dental unit functions.

Diagnosis at your fingertips

Single multimedia system
The integrated X-ray diagnosis and image-based communication system designed by Stern Weber is in a class of its own. Not only does it boost the dental unit’s diagnostic capabilities, it’s also a solution that guarantees excellent comfort and efficiency. Shorter times, immediate results, instant effectiveness. Created for you. Consisting of a DC X-ray unit with wireless control, a digital sensor, a camera and 19” LED monitor with optional touch-screen operation, this single integrated system eliminates all the inconveniences associated with separate installation of equipment.

Dental unit evolution

Stern Weber combines technology with practicality, providing the dental unit with a sophisticated X-ray system concentrated in a single work area while smooth integration enhances diagnostic potential and allows shortened treatment times.

Employing the most advanced X-ray diagnosis technology, the system includes the RXDC HyperSphere X-ray unit, a 19” LED monitor with optional touch-screen operation and a CMOS digital sensor. Zen-X sensor, with its technologically advanced 3-layer structure, captures high resolution images, with minimum X-ray doses and features the latest generation of silicon digital receptors

Full screen performance

Seeing, communicating and understanding are essential components of the patient-dentist relationship and can make a positive contribution to both treatment and its outcome. The clearer and more fluid the image-based communication, the greater the degree of cooperation from the patient. Stern Weber technology, the technology that reassures.

Complemented by two intraoral cameras, both with Progressive Scan technology, the tilt-adjustable 16:9 flat screen medical-grade monitor comes ready for cable connection to a PC. LED light sources ensure excellent contrast and brightness.

An Exclusive system network for enhanced defence

Protected by a system controlled by you
Complete with its integrated systems – the effectiveness of which is scientifically proven – the Stern Weber dental unit provides maximum protection. Specific settings for each individual device are made via the interactive control panel, and it’s you who makes them. The continuous sanitisation system is, instead, automatic and also guarantees air gap separation from the mains water in compliance with European standards; the system is also DVGW-certified. In addition to the active system, dental unit design also takes removable parts into careful consideration and ensures surfaces are easy to sanitise. Numerous controls have been transferred to the foot control to reduce the risk of contamination.

When it comes to hygiene, we never let our guard down

Hygiene has always been – and always will be – a fundamental feature of every Stern Weber product. The bedrock of the Stern Weber philosophy consists of a constant quest for maximum-efficiency solutions and an extensive choice of devices and controls. Scientific treatises describing more than one such solution have been published, illustrating their well-known effectiveness.

The BIOSTER system carries out end-of-work disinfection by executing automatic spray water circuit disinfection cycles. The I.W.F.C. device, incorporated in the BIOSTER system or available separately, ensures water circuits are kept clean after a period of machine idleness. Each device is put through intensive trials at Stern Weber test facilities before being confirmed as an option.

BIOSTER * * * *
A.C.V.S. * * * *
W.H.E. * * * *
I.W.F.C. * * * *
Micromotor i-XR3L with f.o. (100 – 4,000 rpm) *
Micromotor i-XS4 with f.o. (100 – 40,000 rpm) *
Peristaltic pump module * * * *
6-way syringe
6-way syringe with f.o. * * * *
Sixth instrument * * *
X-ray viewer for panoramic X-rays * *
Integrated sensor * * * *
Integrated Apex locator * * * *
Glass cuspidor bowl
Ceramic cuspidor bowl * * * *
Cuspidor bowl drive system *
Cup water heater
Spray heating * * * *
Independent cannulae selection
Suction stop device on chair base
Multimedia applications wiring
Transthoracic tray holder *
Professional tray holder *
Assistant’s tray holder * * * *
Venus Plus light
Venus Plus-L LED operating light * * * *
Add-on assistant’s module * * * *
Atlaxis headrest * * * *
Mobile, removable right armrest * * * *
Left armrest *
Child’s cushion * * * *
Multi-function foot-control
Pressure-operated foot control * * * *
Power Pedal foot control * * * *
Multi-function foot-control (wireless) * * * *
Pressure-operated foot control (wireless) * * * *
Full seat cover for patient chair * * * *

• as standard * optional – not available

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