V 2400

Clinic Suction Systems

Maximum performance for 8 therapists

The V 2400 suction machine is employed in the dry suction system.

Here the principle :

Of short transport routes for the intaken substances applies. Separation is integrated into the treatment unit and dry, clean air routes to the suction machine.

  • Allows 14 treatment stations to be served
  • Up to 8 operators at the same time
  • Delivery is made installed on a floor installation console
  • 2 condensate separators with preinstalled control cabinet

Flexible solutions to meet your needs

Dürr Dental offers vacuum systems for dry and semi-dry suction systems. The flexible solutions are available in 6 variants and suitable for up to 100 treatment units. The integrated exhaust air bacteria filter only has to be changed every 3,500 hours. The power side channel compressors are precisely adjusted to the requriements by the intelligent PLC system.

High reliability, low power consumption

A sensor switches the custion motors on and off as required, allowing efficient use to be made of the electrical energy. The PLC system controls the equal use of the V machines, increasing their overall service lie and reliability. An electrical and mechanical auxiliary air valve provides additional cooling for the motots and a constant suction power.

Everything's under control thanks to the PLC system

Which suction motor is running? Momentary vacuum? Bakteria filter change? These questions are answered for the technician by the clinic display in the intelligent programmable logic controller. This allows him to monitor the complete suction or compressed air system at any time and to easily detect faults. The visualisation system from Dürr Dental even allows all the clinic systems to be remotely monitored.

Model V 2400
Voltage (V 3~) 400
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Current consumption (A) 5.6/6.8
Power (kW) 3.3/4.4
Dimensions (H x W x D cm) 115 x 90 x 48
Weight (kg) approx. 65
Fuse ratings (AT) 16
Medical product class IIa

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