Dental electric suction machines are used in oral treatment equipment. In the process of oral treatment, oral secretions and dirty blood are produced. The machine can provide a negative pressure suction power source for the dental treatment machine to suck away foreign objects with cells and contaminated liquid and debris. It can be used in hospitals or During treatment, dental office equipment is used as a suction power source when sucking spray, saliva, blood and small particles.

DS00 series straight shaft suction machine adopts durable design concept, superior product quality, ultra-small size and easy installation and maintenance.

Model DS01
Voltage (V) 110-240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power (kW) 370
Vacuum (kPa) -12
Max Air Flow 450 L/min
Net Weight (Kg) 22
Dimension (mm) 320*320*520
Simultaneity Factor For 1 chair


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