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Fusion Duralink

The adhesive system for all materials and indications

Materials :
Composites, porcelains, metal alloys, glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composites.

Water and Ethanol Based Solvent

The composition based on water and ethanol avoids post-operative sensitivity due to the high capacity of sealing the dentinal tubules. As a less volative product, it is more economical and effective because its properties are maintained.

Products Stability
Stability tests showed that Fusion-Duralink® is stable even under adverse conditions (accelerated aging method). It has been proven that the product does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. All of its properties will be kept throughout the expiration date. Also, results from the comparison of “new” material with “aged” material were not significant, meaning that the efficacy of the “aged” did not change within the tested period.

  • For direct restorations with composite resin;
  • Adhesive cementation of prefabricated posts (metal and fiber), cast metal posts and indirect restorations (metal, porcelain and composite resin);
  • Bonding of orthodontic brackets;
  • Technique of adhesive amalgam.

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