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NobelActive 3.0

Narrow space solutions – NobelActive 3.0

Safe implant placement in areas with limited space

The implant for narrow spaces

NobelActive 3.0 is ideal for areas with limited space, such as missing lateral incisors. It provides the high implant strength that is usually difficult to achieve with small diameter implants. Tests indicate superior fatigue and torque strength compared to other 3.0 mm implants on the market.

Place implants safely in areas with limited space

We designed the NobelActive 3.0 specifically for narrow space situations where you previously wouldn't have been able to place a conventional implant. With NobelActive 3.0, you're able to treat single-unit maxillary lateral incisors as well as mandibular lateral and central incisors.

Get peace of mind – safe clinical solution

Narrow diameter implants (Ø < 3.5 mm) allow you to safely and predictably treat situations where traditional diameter implants would increase the clinical risk. That could, for example, be indications with minimal hard tissue and limited space. The clinical performance of narrow implants has been validated in several studies with follow-up of up to seven years. Results show an overall survival rate of 97.3% after five years, proving that narrow implants present a safe clinical solution.

High fatigue strength

The fatigue strength of NobelActive 3.0 with an Esthetic Abutment has been tested according to ISO Standard 14801:2007, with an achieved strength of 160N. The Brånemark System NP implant, which has been in clinical use with very low complication rates since 1996, has a corresponding strength of 178N. As NobelActive 3.0 has restricted indications compared to the Brånemark System, it will be subjected to lower loads.

In comparison, fractures occurred at much lower load levels with narrow diameter implants from other manufactures.

High torque strength

NobelActive 3.0 is designed to withstand more than twice the recommended maximum insertion torque of 45 Ncm. Tests with a torque above 100 Ncm did not damage either the implant, interface or driver.

Enhanced osseointegration

NobelActive 3.0 features Nobel Biocare’s unique oxidized TiUnite surface with grooves (Groovy). This increases implant stability through faster bone formation and ensures long-term success.

Benefit from the unique design of NobelActive

With NobelActive 3.0 you enjoy all the same benefits as the regular NobelActive implant.

Lifetime warranty

NobelActive 3.0 is covered by a lifetime product warranty.

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