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Nu Alloy ® Dp

Dispersed-phase : A mixture of lathe-cut irregular particles and atomized spherical particles.

High-copper-content: >12%.

Nu Alloy® dp is a single composition alloy with absolute homogeneity of its particles.

Thanks to its optimal chemical composition (45%Ag, 31%Sn, and 24%Cu) and its high copper content, the gamma-2 phase is eliminated from the alloy microstructure. As a result of this, fragility and instability problems in corrosive environments decrease.

Its morphology is composed of atomized and lathe-cut particles which results in a fast amalgamation with its optimal 50% mercury content (Mercury-to-alloy ratio : 1:1) and improves the alloy’s physical and mechanical properties.

This alloy has a high resistance to marginal fractures, excellent adaptation and marginal sealing, thanks to the homogeneity of its particles.

Fine surface finish originated in the granulometry of its spherical and prismatic particles.

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