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All functions close at hand

The shock-resistant handheld control device is equipped with a magnet and can be conveniently placed next to the wall-mounted control panel.

The 3-figure display indicates the times expressed in hundredths of a second.

The handheld device can be built into the x-ray unit or is available in the remote control version provided with a support so that it can be positioned outside the surgery.

An extension lead enables the operator to set and active the x-ray unit at a certain distance from the acquisition area.

Designed for use

The more you use RX AC, the more you appreciate its simplicity. Designed as the dental surgery's primary diagnostic instrument, this conventional x-ray unit uses consolidated AC technology assuring top reliability and full compatibility with traditional and digital x-ray systems.

RX AC incorporates a stand-by function to save energy as well as an auto check function which is run when the unit is turned on.


RX AC will not let you down. Intraoral x-ray are systematically top quality. Correct exposure times are obtained automatically thanks to compensation of variations in the mains voltage, managed via a microprocessor inside RX AC. Moreover, RX AC guarantees maximum safety for both operator and patient and gives you high-definition maximum contrast images.


Solid design features and perfectly balanced arms make RX AC an exceptionally stable unit. With RX AC, tube head vibration is a problem of the past. The articulated joint between each of the arms avoids exposure of moving mechanical parts and does not require the use of rubber bellows. Excellent manoeuvrability, extensive vertical and horizontal scope make for easy positioning in all situations.

Anode voltage 70 kV
Anode current 8 mA
Exposure time 0.03 – 1.61 s – R10 Scale
Focal spot 0.8 mm (IEC 336)
Total filtration min. 2.5 mm AL eq
Power absorption max. 1.38 kVA
Mains voltage 230 V 50 Hz
Source-skin distance 8″ (20 cm)
Irradiated field Ø 53 mm round
Additional collimators 23 X 36 mm and 32 X 42 mm rectangular
Arm extension Available in 3 lengths : 40 cm – 60 cm – 90 cm

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