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Planmeca Compact I Touch

Perfectly compact

Planmeca Compact™ i design solutions support an ergonomic and smooth workflow. Extremely simple and intuitive, it makes your everyday work easy, pleasant and efficient – without compromise.

Extremely compact in size, it's packed with features and functionalities. With more than 40,000 satisfied users around the world, it's ideal for the varied needs of modern dental professionals.

Wide movement range

  • Highest position allows working in a standing position
  • Lowest position for dentist to work in a semi-sitting position

Practical upright sitting position

The automatic legrest makes it easy for patients to enter and exit the chair, ensuring a smooth workflow. It also provides excellent patient comfort and is practical for doctor-patient consultations and prosthodontics treatments.

Leading technology for clean suction tubes

  • The system automatically dilutes and supplies the cleaning agent
  • Integrated cleaning holder
  • Fast and simple daily routine with intuitive user interface

Easy and efficient cleaning procedures

Intuitive multilingual system guides the user

Always clean water

The advanced water treatment solution guarantee that all water entering the patient's mouth is clean

External infection control made easy

  • Smooth and uniform surfaces
  • The bowl can easily be detached for cleaning

The way you want it

There are as many working preferences as there are healthcare professionals.

Planmeca Compact™ i Touch offers several delivery systems and a wide instrument range for you to choose from to meet your specific needs and requirements.

High-quality upholsteries for enduring comfort

Made of extremely durable artificial leather and viscoelastic memory foam, the Ultra Relax™ upholstery adapts perfectly to patient’s body shape, allowing them to stay relaxed even during the longest treatment sessions.

The Comfy™ upholstery is made of durable artificial leather. The thin shape ensures excellent reach to the treatment area and the seamless design allows easy upkeep and enhanced infection control.

Both Comfy and Ultra Relax upholsteries come in a wide range of stylish colours.

Unit type Floor mounted unit with an integrated patient chair, bowl, instrument delivery and operating light
Delivery type Over-the-patient delivery with balanced instrument arms
Over-the-patient delivery with hanging tube instruments
Side delivery with hanging tube instruments
Mobile cart delivery with hanging tube instruments
Ceiling-mounted with balanced instrument arms
Approvals UL/CUL, CE
Power requirements 100 V~
115 V~
220 V~ … 240 V~
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Frame Cast aluminium alloy
Water inlet pressure 300 -900 kPa (43 -130 psi)
Air inlet pressure 550 -900 kPa (80 -130 psi)
Weight Approx. 130 kg (290 lbs)
Mounting To be fixed on the floor
Electrical data Digital control system with upgradeable software, reliable electrical design, and cabling
Colour Pearl (RAL 9016) Topaz, Sapphire, Jade, Crystal

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