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Ultra-fast intraoral scanner for open CAD/CAM

Explore Planmeca PlanScan™ — the first dental unit integrated intraoral scanner for 3D digital impressions. This high-performance intraoral scanning solution can also be connected to your laptop. The system provides excellent usability and supports an ideal digital treatment workflow.

  • Autoclavable tip for impeccable infection control
  • Changeable tip in different sizes for optimal workflow
  • Enhanced moisture control with anti-fogging technology
  • Powder-free scanning
  • Very easy to use
  • Enchanced ergonomics
  • Real-time, quick scanning
  • Accurate results from single indication to full arch
  • Comfort for the patient and dentist
  • Open STL file format
  • True dental unit integration
  • Works with a laptop – easy to share
  • Mac OS and Windows support

Scanning technology Projected pattern triangulation (patterns are projected and simultaneously imaged on the tooth)
Light source Blue laser
Field of view 20 mm by 15 mm with normal tip
Additional smaller tips for difficult intraoral cases (with smaller FOV)
Scanning tip Removable, autoclavable, sterilisable
Anti-fogging technology Actively heated tip, guaranteed non-fogging operation when used intraorally
Capture speed >10 aligned 3D data sets per second
Resolution and accuracy < 25 microns
Scanning software support Windows 8 or Mac OS
Cable interface Firewire 800 or Thunderbolt (via adapter)
Data output Open STL for lower and upper arches in occlusion
Integration Integrated with Planmeca dental unit or standalone

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