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Jason Fleece

Jason® fleece is a pH-neutral, wet-stable fleece made of native collagen with a highly efficient hemostatic effect. The well-known effect of collagen is induced by the adhesion of platelets to the collagen fibrils.

As a consequence, platelets aggregate and release coagulation factors by degranulation. This initiates the coagulation cascade that leads to hemostasis.

Jason® fleece promotes the formation and stabilization of the blood coagulum and can be applied for wound protection and to support wound healing (i.e., biopsy harvesting sites, coverage of augmentation sites). Jason® fleece is completely resorbed by the body’s own processes within two to four weeks. Jason® fleece is also available preloaded with Gentamycin (Jason® G).

Art.-No. Jason® Fleece
Size Content
690412 20 × 20 mm 12 pieces
692510 50 × 50 mm 10 pieces
Art.-No. Jason® G Gentamycin preloaded collagen fleece
Size Content
600612 25 × 25 mm 12 pieces (single sterile units)

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